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FinTechTV Interview with cleverDome's COO

cleverDome's COO in Residence John Cho explains how cleverDome is changing the financial services world through member-driven due diligence and cybersecurity software. Cho also explains how cleverDome has partnered with TD Ameritrade to securely transmit information from advisors to clients. Recorded live at the T3 Technology Conference for financial advisors, February 1, 2019 in Denton, Texas, this 2:11 minute video produced by FinTechTV will answer many of your questions on what cleverDome is and why it is so important for financial services firms.

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TD Ameritrade Institutional and cleverDome Work to Increase Cybersecurity for RIAs

The cleverDome solution is available today to advisors who custody assets with TD Ameritrade Institutional and use technology from vendors that are members of the cleverDome community. Currently, cleverDome can secure an advisor's client information being shared among three Veo One-integrated technology solutions: Redtail, Riskalyze and Orion. cleverDome is in discussions with many more financial technology providers and expects to add more companies over time. As more vendors are added, advisors will be able to "permission" new vendors who join cleverDome.

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cleverDome and TD Ameritrade Institutional Team Up to Increase Cybersecurity for RIAs

Cybersecurity not surprisingly is top of mind for advisors. In the latest TD Ameritrade Institutional RIA Sentiment Survey, data security was the top technology spending priority among advisors and expected to be a top issue among regulators in 2019. Now,
registered investment advisors using certain software solutions can sign up to come “Under the Dome” thanks to a new integration with the TD Ameritrade Institutional Veo One® platform.

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Cyberattacks the "Single Greatest Threat" to Advisors" Business

Joel Bruckenstein tells ThinkAdvisor that the third-party cybersecurity collective cleverDome "has the ability to change the industry."Like compliance, cybersecurity is not a topic that advisors relish discussing, but "it’s a necessary evil," says Joel Bruckenstein, head of Technology Tools for Today (T3). In late January, TD Ameritrade Institutional integrated its Veo One platform for advisors with cleverDome, which is billed as a B corporation co-op that offers community-based solutions to protect confidential client information. TD Ameritrade Instutional "has taken it (cybersecurity) to the next level because they got involved with cleverDome, which I think has the ability to change the industry."
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TD Ameritrade Joins cleverDome to Boost Cybersecurity

The number one concern for RIAs in a recent TD Ameritrade Sentiment Survey was cybersecurity, and data security was to be a spending priority in 2019. To help its RIA customers, TD Ameritrade Institutional just integrated its Veo One platform with cleverDome, a B corporation co-op that offers community-based solutions to protect confidential client information.
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5 Expert Recommendations for Safeguarding Data

Regulators are starting to hold advisory firms accountable for lapses that leave their clients' digital data vulnerable. Click through for tips from experts – including comments from cleverDome’s Chief Risk Officer Bridget Gaughan – on what firms can do to fine-tune their cybersecurity practices and prevent data breaches.

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Predictive Life Event Data from InterGen to be Sheltered under the Dome™

Through InterGen's AI-driven technology, advisers using Orion’s platform will be able to create, review and advise on their clients' plans at an even higher and more intuitive level. The insights they'll receive from InterGen will help them see and understand specific life events that may be looming ahead for specific clients. cleverDome's end-to-end military-grade cybersecurity platform will shelter this sensitive data, allowing advisors to fully unlock and discover the hidden insights that exist within their client base.

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cleverDome’s New President Shares Plans for Continued Growth Path, Makes Announcements at the 2018 T3 Enterprise Conference

Alan Gleghorn has taken the helm as president of cleverDome Inc. Prior to joining cleverDome, Gleghorn was a strategic advisor for StratTech Solutions, a Managed Services Provider (MSP) in the information technology sector. As a senior executive in the healthcare industry, he brings over 30 years of experience in leading organizations and their boards to the cleverDome executive leadership team. He led multiple healthcare organizations through financial turnarounds, large building projects, technology system conversions, and physician compensation and governance changes. He also was a senior executive and part of the founding team with a publicly traded management company. He is an expert in creating Lean and Process Improvement Cultures. Gleghorn will partner with cleverDome co-founders to tackle tough cybersecurity issues and focus on community involvement.
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“Bank On It” with Aaron Spradlin

In an effort to help the financial services industry understand how technology is creating both challenges and opportunities for their firms, Aaron Spradlin, CEO and co-founder, cleverDome spoke at the fourth annual In|Vest Conference sponsored by Financial Planning magazine and other SourceMedia publications. Aaron joined a panel of experts to discuss how blockchain, artificial intelligence and quantum computing are impacting financial services firms. Later, “Bank On It” podcast host John Siracusa interviewed Aaron on the session, "Blockchain, Quantum Computing, AI - What's Next in Wealth?" for an eye-opening view of what is actually happening in the financial services realm. Aaron begins speaking at 21.50 on the 41-minute clip.

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Cybersecurity Risks when Fintech Firms Go International to Find Tech Talent

Facing stiff competition from U.S. tech giants, fintech companies are looking overseas and finding greener pastures. But Rick D'Angona, chief executive of third-party credentialing and risk assessment firm 3PAS Global, says offshoring engineering increases cybersecurity risks, especially in nations known for having higher rates of fraud and corruption. While savings can be achieved by using services overseas, given all of the extra risk management and compliance controls, Aaron Spradlin, chief executive and co-founder of cybersecurity firm cleverDome, questions how much money an fintech company really saves.
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